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Shipping & Returns Shipping & Returns

Shipping policy

To ensure the items get to our valued customers as fast as possible reliably, we utilize the most prestigious service from the most reliable Couriers such as DHL, UPS, HKPost, etc.... We ship by Global Courier Services and all parcels are delivered in a time sensitive manner. What you are charged on shipment is exactly the same as what the Courier Service is charging on us.

How many days do you expect to receive your ordered items?

hiGadgets.com strive for excellence in service. We will process your order immediately upon receiving them. In the event that the item you ordered is not in stock, we will inform you via email about the delay.

Shipping time would vary depending on your region in the world and the chosen Courier Service. Since we specialize in US and Western European countries, these regions enjoy faster delivery. The average time:

Shipping via DHL Shipping via DHL
Online Tracking. 3 - 6 days to major destinations.
Shipping via UPS Shipping via UPS
Online Tracking. 3 - 6 days to major destinations.
Shipping via Air Mail Shipping via Air Mail
Online Tracking.Usualy 10 - 20 days to major destinations. Sometimes takes longer.
Shipping via FedEx Shipping via FedEx
Online Tracking. 3 - 6 days to major destinations.

Custom and Import Duties

Importing is a breeze in most countries! You may have to pay your own country's VAT (i.e. Sales Tax) and sometimes variable Import Duty when the items arrive, but in the vast majority of cases packets / cartons delivered from China by courier arrive safely with no problems at all!

Read the item description carefully! We will ship you whatever you order. Although we do assist you by manually checking all orders to screen possible region / compatibility inconsistencies, we do not accept returns of healthy products which were simply mis-ordered by you. If you are in an NTSC video color region, don't order PAL products for your market. Check if your locality has free DVB-T broadcasts before buying DVB-T digital TV receivers. If the driver's seat is on the left, don't order left side passenger sun visor Car DVD Monitors! Duh!

Additionally, there are some (cool) types of gadgets including for example (but not limited to) radio signal jammers, high powered lasers, and quasi-medical products, that are not legal (booo!) to import into certain countries. As the buyer / importer it is entirely your responsibility to find out in advance of placing your order whether your ordered items are subject to import restrictions. Our shipping supplier will ship you whatever you order, so we do not accept liability in the case of failed delivery of goods, where they have failed to clear your country's local Customs - either in cases where the goods are turned back, or in cases where the goods are seized. In addition hiGadgets.com is not responsible for informing you of possible import restriction issues before or after purchase.

We will not be responsible for any damage that may be caused on your computer, console, or other hardware / software during / related to installation of any of our products. We not be liable for any damage or personal loss due to incorrect installation of our products.

If there is a possible delay due to the warehouse being out of stock, we'll contact you by email to discuss sending out your order in separate shipments, changing products, or other options. Larger orders that exceed our stock may take up to 1 week longer to send out, as we have to order from the factory. In such cases we will contact you about any delay.

If you are at all unsure about importing goods from China, we can assure you that our supplier uses the highest measures of quality to ensure your goods are safe. Your payment is through a safe channel, your delivery is guaranteed, the products are quality assured, and you can begin by ordering only 1 piece as a sample!

Proof of Delivery

Once your order is shipped we provide tracking details to our individual customers. Customers could track their shipments from a link that will be provided depending on the chossen carrier.

Returns, Refunds and Cancelations FAQ.

The package is lost, broken, or stolen before it reaches you.

hiGadgets.com will re-send the goods or give a full refund. In practice such cases are very rare, perhaps 1 in 5000 shipments, when using courier services. Please note confirmation of such cases can take some time, so in such an event you may be advised to place a new order at your expense while the original shipment is investigated pending compensation.

An Air Mail package has not arrived after a long time.

hiGadgets.com will give a full refund after the delivery deadline has expired. These cases are rare, and if this ever occurs, we will inform you of the delivery deadline for your package, which will be 30-60 days depending on the region.

A multi-part delivery arrives missing some items or packets.

In such a scenario you must raise the issue immediately with the courier or delivery company. With the correct documentary proof through the courier company reporting process, hiGadgets.com will re-send the goods or give a refund.

Items in the packet arrive in a damaged condition.

In such a scenario you must raise the issue immediately with the courier or delivery company. Provided you follow through the correct reporting process, the goods can be handed back to the courier and hiGadgets.com will send new goods or give a refund. If you do not immediately follow the courier's reporting procedure, and thus no adequate documentation is available to prove the goods arrived damaged, we will offer advice on a case-by-case basis about whether you can return the goods to China for replacements or a refund.

A shipment is delayed, turned back, or seized by Customs.

If the Customs issue was your responsibility, you are liable. If the failed delivery was due to mis-handling by hiGadgets.com, you will receive compensation when the case is resolved. Such cases are unusual but it is important you are aware of your responsibilities in such a case.

Can customers cancel an order?

There is no need to contact hiGadgets.com to cancel orders which have not been paid for. These orders will expire automatically after a certain period. hiGadgets.com permits checking out of orders using the online shopping cart as a system for customers to generate proforma invoices for themselves and to keep records of prospective purchases. Only orders that have actually been paid for are activated and entered into the order checking / processing system.

In general, hiGadgets.com can accept requests for cancellation of paid orders up to the working day on which the order enters the status "processing". Customers can request cancellation of orders by email (support ticket) quoting their order number.

If a customer requests cancellation of an order after the order is in processing (i.e. goods checking and packing) in our warehouse, or after the goods have actually been dispatched from the warehouse into the delivery logistics system, hiGadgets.com reserves the right to charge a restocking fee, deducted from the resultant refund or credit. In fact in most cases we will not charge this fee, because we are nice people.

If you have made a payment using Paypal, and the payment is "pending", e.g. waiting for an e-check to clear, hiGadgets.com can accept cancellation at this stage, and the refund can be made in the form of cancelling the receipt of the payment in Paypal before it clears. In these cases the customer needs to provide a Paypal transaction ID.

Does hiGadgets.com deduct restocking fees on cancelled orders?

- Orders will be refunded in full without any deduction of restocking fees in the majority of cases. In particular, where an order is cancelled or refused during the initial order checking process, the full payment will be refunded.

- In the majority of cases where a customer requests a cancellation and refund during the time an order is in processing, prior to the dispatch of the items from the warehouse, a full refund can be made without the deduction of any restocking fees or other fees.

- If an apparently bona fide order has been placed, and has entered processing in our warehouse, hiGadgets.com's supplier does reserve the right to charge a restocking fee up to 20% of the value of the goods, at our discretion. The most likely instance where this is applicable is where the customer requests a cancellation of the order for reasons beyond hiGadgets.com's control, but the goods have already been dispatched from the warehouse and hiGadgets.com actually incurs costs physically returning packages from Hong Kong or Shenzhen depots back to our warehouse. Another possible instance where we may charge restocking fees is where a customer cancels several processing orders all at the same time.

- Additional charges may be deducted from refunds in cases where goods have been shipped overseas and are returned for reasons beyond hiGadgets.com's control, and where as a result hiGadgets.com's supplier incurs return shipping charges and China import duties and taxes, as well as further domestic shipping expenses.

- If the consignee refuses to accept receipt of goods because they have changed their mind about the purchase, or because they do not accept paying their own country's import duties and taxes, or for similar reasons beyond hiGadgets.com' control, hiGadgets.com will deduct from the refund all of the expenses incurred in returning the goods to us in China. For this reason it is particularly important for customers to be aware of import regulations in their own country. It is the responsibility of the buyer, not hiGadgets.com, to find out full information about import regulations and taxes in the consignee's country, in advance of placing a payment for an order.

- In all these cases where returns occur for reasons beyond hiGadgets.com' control, products must be sent back to hiGadgets.com with their original package intact and unopened.

How does hiGadgets.com offer refunds to customers for cancelled orders / returned orders?

The following general conditions apply to refunds made by hiGadgets.com:

- Refunds can be made in the form of credit extended by hiGadgets.com against future orders.

- Refunds can also be made using Paypal.

- Paypal refunds will be completed within 7 working days of the customer's request or the confirmation of faulty goods. In most cases the refund will actually be completed within 1 working day.

What small print do customers need to be aware of in relation to refunds for returned items?

A full refund of the buyer's original item purchase cost can be made in the case of returned faulty items. This is dependent on the following conditions:

a) The customer has communicated with hiGadgets.com about the possible fault and received a return slip to authorise the goods return.

b) The goods have been received by hiGadgets.com with a properly completed returns slip.

c) The items have been confirmed by the hiGadgets.com technical team as faulty, defective, or unacceptable quality.

d) No open Paypal dispute or chargeback exists on the customer's account.

e) There are no other outstanding bills on the customer's account.

Please note your original shipping fee is not refundable unless items were wrongly delivered, or as otherwise discussed with the support team.

12 Month Warranty

"Do you have a guarantee or warranty?"

Yes - hiGadgets.com only chooses to stock the very best quality products from professional China manufacturers. The quality is guaranteed.

All products that arrive in the hiGadgets.com warehouse are checked for perfect appearance and correct functionality.

Our packing staff check again to make sure that the right accessories are included and that the electrical / socket adapters are correct for your country.

(Please note in the case of region-specific items such as PAL / NTSC TV/Video Color Regions, digital TV, GSM mobile phones etc you are responsible for ordering the correct units and we will send you exactly what you order.)

All our products are covered by a 12 MONTH WARRANTY.

* If a problem occurs with a product, we'll support you with advice, and if necessary give you instructions how to return it to China for a repair, replacement, or credit towards buying a different model.

* According to our terms and conditions, you need to contact us first if you have a product issue. We will authorize the return and give you an RMA (return to manufacturer authorization) tracking number for the case. Any products returned without prior authorization are liable to additional handling charges at our discretion.

If you have any difficulties whatsoever with the products, or you are dissatisfied for whatever reason, you can contact us and we will discuss the issue in an open, honest way.

We don't believe companies should ignore their customers or try to hide from problems. We will do our best to deal with your enquiries promptly and helpfully.

We do not offer warranty or support for products not bought from hiGadgets.com.

Exceptions to Warranty

* The user voids the warranty if s/he flashes the firmware of a device, opens the body in an attempt to fix, or otherwise uses the device in a way that is not considered normal usage.

* The warranty does not extend to free repair / replacement in cases to damage to products or wear and tear.

* Batteries have a special condition applied to them due to impracticability of applying a 12 month rule.

* Projector Lamps have a special condition applied due to the fact that lifetime depends on hours of use.

* RC Toys are not covered for your breakage and internal rechargeable batteries are covered by the general battery warranty limitation.

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